Thank You.

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I’ve honestly had the most fun on this website and I can’t believe this is the day I am sorry to say I have to leave. Tumblr has been such an experience and I wish it could go on forever, but sadly for me it cannot. While during my 3 years here I have learned so much. I loved talking to all the people I met, and fangirling over whatever movie was coming out, and especially making themes for you guys. When I started out here, I would look at blogs and wish to be as successful as theirs one day. And through my themes, you helped me achieve that. I am so grateful for all 2,491 of you that stuck with me through it all, you have no idea. You made tumblr such a wonderful experience for me and I can’t thank you enough. I never thought I’d see this day, but for now it’s time I leave. I may be back next week, next month, next year, or never at all, but I won’t forget the time I spent here. Thank you.

See ya in another life, brother.

- Katie
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