season one

Roland Hood [3x18]

Q: Do you mind if I ask about theme two? How do I change the link names? For example, how do I change 'Link 1' to 'Home', rather than it saying 'Home' when I hover on it? I hope that makes sense, thanks. -Anonymous

lol i’m kinda lost. do you mean like having a roman numeral or something and then hovering and it saying like “links” or “askbox” or something

Father. Lover. Son. Friend. 02x01 - 03x15. Rest in peace, Neal Cassidy.

Q: I like the theme that you're currently using for your own blog. Is there a way I could get the code? -Anonymous

Yep! When I post it on May 2nd! :D

Jennifer Lawrence in NYC Before GMA Appearance

in collaboration with timeerasingyou

Hope you’re all having a great Easter! If you don’t celebrate, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! :)